The Key Skills Every Digital Marketing Consultant Should Have

Digital marketing consulting in the present time is about data: performance metrics, KPIs and goals. Technology and processes also play a great role, serving as the differentiation point for many online marketing consultants and agencies.

The increasing complexity and fast pace of the online marketing consulting world needs more than best practices, functional expertise, and the capability to evaluate and optimize data. Frequently, soft skills of digital marketing consulting are inconsistent or omitted causing misinterpretation, unmet expectations and ineffective insight.

Here is a complete breakdown of some digital marketing consulting skills that are starting to differentiate the top performing agencies from others:

Be Focused on Goals

From shiny objects through to scope creep, active digital marketing optimization can make programs become unproductive and go off the course. With each strategic directive and particularly with any task or tactic, there must be a clear view as to the aim and expectations.

Understanding the goal along with how individual actions will contribute to that objective is an important perspective for taking decisions all through a successful engagement.

Ability to Listen Carefully and Empathize

Possibly one among the most imperative and frequently neglected skills is combination of listening to learn current situation, troubles and goals involved along with the ability to relate with both brand marketer and customers they are trying to reach to. While confident and experienced agency marketers offer valuable perspective, insights from customers is incomparable. That insight cannot be captured effectually if consultant does all talking.

Understand Strategy versus Tactics

Many digital marketing consultants do not understand this differentiation. A strategy is the plan of actions with some goal. While a tactic is the specific action which is a part of implementing that strategy. For instance, an online marketing strategy which calls for a rise in sales from specific targeted audience may call for an exclusive messaging approach particular to a point which involves producing ads, content, offers and emails relevant for that particular customers group. Producing ads, content, offers and emails are tactics of the strategy.

Professionalism and Leadership Skills

People hiring consultants expect insightful, confident recommendations. Leadership of agency to professionalism and leadership skills of the individual consultants drive progress and inspire confidence. This means offering unique perspectives, innovations and original ideas as well as ability to communicate any time, and more.

Professional performance of consultants involves all from courtesy, responsiveness, anticipation of customer requirements, follow up and remaining on the top of what is important for the customer as well as program. One among the most vital differentiators among marketing consultancies that utilize similar processes and software is leadership of agency and performance of its consultants.

Organizational skills and people alone aren’t enough certainly. It’s the combination of leadership skills, organization and human to human plus proficiency with processes, software and data that will differentiate online marketing agency effectiveness.

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How to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Results?

Business, small and medium have some limitations when it comes to budget and capitalization. Thus, business owners should focus on cost effective marketing platforms and methods. Digital marketing delivers great results and is known to offer higher conversations. With such great advantages, there is no wonder why so many businesses are shifting from traditional marketing to online marketing. Below are the key steps for enhancing your online marketing results:

Review and Renovate Your Online Marketing Plan

Many digital marketers and business owners fall in the flawed pattern of simply rolling over their promotion strategies again and again every year. This will be great if results show improving revenue percentages and growth every year. However, if you are getting same results again and again without any improvements, you then need to evaluate and revamp your marketing strategies and gain better results. The online world is evolving constantly and what worked for the last year might not generate the same results for you now or in the future.

Go Social, Local and Mobile on Your Online Marketing Strategies

You need to maximize and boost your social, local and mobile online marketing efforts since it’s through these channels you can obtain best results. Your website needs to be optimized for your mobile users. Moreover, you should strengthen your local SEO strategy.

Social adoption is going mainstream, now since search algorithms are becoming social and semantic, it has changed the way people make use of search engines. It goes beyond having your profiles on the major social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, but must include maintaining active presence on social media which produces engagement from targeted audiences.

Aside from the top social networks, it pays to take a closer and more detailed look at upcoming social channels like Instagram, Vine, and the newest of them all, Ello. These sites can deliver great social sharing advantage as applicable depending on the nature of your business.

Implement Multi-Channel Online Marketing Campaign

In order to maximize your digital marketing results, your business must learn how to apply multi-channels online marketing strategies to get results driven and more effective campaigns for producing favorable responses from target audience. Engaging and linking with target audience is important for survival and success of your business or brand. Therefore, it’s important that you start with your multi channels marketing campaign now.

Improve Your Content with Links, Images and Videos

The future of online marketing is visual only and the fundamental act of including video, graphical elements and images in your content can produce up to 94 percent boost in viewership. This implements to any kind of text content including PRs that can produce 14% of more views if they have photos, and 48 percent of more views if they have both videos and photos.

Develop an Impressive Content Creation Tactic

An impressive content tactic must be at the heart of your online marketing campaigns. With the wide range of competitors, simply putting ordinary content won’t just deliver the results that you need. You must concentrate on impressive content which your target audiences will certainly view or read and then like, share and spread all through the digital marketing landscape.

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Best Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses and Startups

Best Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses and Startups

Marketing at present has changed greatly at a fast speed. Most startups have adopted online marketing. However, not all weapons that online marketers possess in their arsenal are equally efficient. A few digital marketing strategies are known to hit the bullseye, whereas others do not even come close.

Below are the best online marketing strategies that startups should use.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, social media has really become a very powerful marketing tool. Social media marketing is a very important marketing technique for the startups. The benefits of social media marketing include:

It increases traffic and exposures

It creates loyal clients

It generates leads and enhances search ranking

It sets up thought leadership

Increases sales

Though more and more businesses are implementing social media marketing increasingly, not all are doing it right way. So, make sure you use it appropriately to your benefit.

Email Marketing

Despite likelihoods of death of email marketing in marketing world, emails still are around and delivering handsome returns on investment to the marketers.

The best thing regarding email marketing is that you don’t need to break your bank to run email campaigns. Though email marketing tends to be highly effective, not every startup is able to yoke the real power of emails marketing. But some brands have excelled greatly at email marketing.

Below are a few tips on generating a winning email marketing campaign:

Avoid jargon in email copy – write down in persuasive, plain language

Lot of it depends on subject line – always make it engaging, catchy, and benefit-rich

Talk about benefits you are going to offer

Break up text thus it’s simple to scan – use subheading and bullets

Optimize your emails for mobiles

PPC Marketing

PPC marketing method uses search engine marketing to get visitors to your site. PPC is a very powerful marketing tool used to produce sales-ready leads. IF you’re a startup, don’t ignore PPC marketing.

PPC marketing offers many practical benefits, like:

You can reach to your clients at right time with right ads

Higher ROI as you’ll need to pay just when any interested person clicks

You will not need to wait for the results

Control on how much you wish to spend

Insights and data to help sharpen the other marketing strategies

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing trend is catching on very fast. It has become a very effective tool for the startups to develop their brands. Moreover, the best thing about influencer marketing is that it is inexpensive compared to the traditional marketing channels.

Below are a few reasons why the startups must adopt influencer marketing:

It’s less expensive than any other promotional strategy

Most clients have become resistant to traditional advertising channels

It is simple-to-implement

Clients will engage easily with your brand due to authenticity of influencers

Word-of-mouth feature of influencer marketing develops trust and loyalty for your brand

If you are beginning with your business, you may not be capable to get big influencers. Therefore, you should find out micro-influencers.

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Benefits of Digital Marketing for Startups

Sales is the lifeline of any startup as a new business’s success is based on attracting more clients to skyrocket their sales. The conservative ways of advertising don’t permit a newly developed business to reach an extensive range of clients in a limited time and budget. In this situation, digital marketing is an excellent solution allowing companies to connect with millions via social media platforms, get instant feedback, put social ads, and more. Below is why digital marketing help startups become successful:

Engage Digital Clients

The way clients make use of digital media has changed totally. They now take assistance from Yahoo, Google, and other search engines to collect information regarding a product like recommendations and reviews. They don’t compromise for anything, and their search carries on until they locate a product with maximum worth at the best pricing. To get maximum advantages of digital media, startups should take a close look at their targeted audience and use of media. You should know what your clients are looking out for and what will attract them. The more you understand your targeted audience, more convenient would it be to content them.

Display Advertising

Ads can be a wonderful way to target audience and influence their perceptions about your brand. Startups can use numerous digital platforms to display ads having graphics, textual message or videos. When displaying advertisements are considered, one must be familiar with Google Display Network, the largest marketing network on the web having millions of websites, blogs, pages, and Google sites like YouTube, Gmail, etc.  An innovative advertising campaign with smart targeting and marketing communications can help you create brand awareness and earn sale leads.

Brand Awareness

Online marketing allows startups to take benefit of the opportunities to communicate with every person in the online world. Businesses can attract potential customers, create brand awareness, generate sale leads and acquire traffic. With effective marketing skills and strategies, startups can get great exposure in digital world.

Integrated Online Marketing

Using many digital platforms to reach online clients is referred to integrated online marketing. It’s supportive in creating a brand and placing a business on its way to great success. Your customers may look for your service or product on any digital platform he/she is utilizing, so your online presence on several platforms matter. You must also be available to your clients on social media sites.

Target Potential Clients

Digital marketing can be confusing sometimes as there are many techniques and channels to deal with. But, it becomes realistic if you take the right start. Prior to taking any marketing initiatives, make sure that you know all about your potential clients. A complete knowledge of your customers will assist you in creating your brand image which connects with your clients. It even supports you in creating marketing communications as well as testing online marketing channels.

Contrary to the traditional marketing, online marketing grows your clients base without investing large amount of time and money. It develops brand reputation and product awareness, assures constant traffic flow, and leads to online sales.

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The Most Common Digital Marketing Myths

Digital marketing appears simple enough. However, there are many facets to online marketing and all of them requires equal attention and care to capitalize on your engagement and output and get well targeted traffic. Being an emerging field, online marketing is susceptible to many myths which you should be aware of. So, here is a list of most common myths about online marketing:

Bad Online Comments Can Hurt Your Brand

Due to the fear of facing shaming, negative comments and low rating, many businesses don’t market themselves online. This is an incorrect thinking. Internet is a place where potential and existing customers can provide you with a feedback, so you get the chance to address their feedbacks in real time, appropriately and offer outstanding customer services. If you ever get a negative feedback, don’t get angry or feel shames. Rather, give a useful, courteous and extensive response, address the issue and ensure that your client is fully satisfied. Assuring that you really care about their loyalty and trust can make a great difference in your company’s reputation. Spreading a circle of happy clients should be the key aim of your digital marketing campaigns.

Mobile Consumers Don’t Convert

People on their mobile devices generally don’t go through lengthy checkout processes. So, it is vital to have mobile friendly versions of your website or any forms that you’re asking a customer to fill, else you won’t have successful conversions. Along with responsive websites, you should also have short forms on mobile devices.

Most People Click Banner And Display Ads

Most people do not trust such advertisements and find them irrelevant mostly, simply irritating or out of context. Only 15 percent users click on such ads. Paid advertisements aren’t actually useless, they can get faster results and have an edge over organic marketing, but you should know to do them correctly and invest your money wisely init. Hence, paid ads are not enough in most cases. So, you should use other online marketing channels too.

Search Engine Optimization is Dead

SEO is more imperative than ever before and is really far from dead. With the correct strategy, SEO helps attract more and more people both locally and globally. Combining SEO with exceptional content and online marketing can draw more of organic search results.

Traditional Marketing Is Useless

Although online marketing is must, but you should not give up traditional marketing methods like radio and TV commercial, newspaper ads, billboards, and more. The traditional marketing methods still have benefits. Although they are expensive, they are less time consuming, more conspicuous and last longer. If you want your business to stand out from your competitors, then combine both traditional and digital marketing in your marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Is Not Important

Many companies think that after launch of their website, all their work is completed. But to capitalize on your online marketing campaigns, you should have relevant content posted regularly to engage your target audience. This will not just help you rank highly on the search engine, but it also send positive messages to your targeted audiences.

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