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Best Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses and Startups

Best Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses and Startups

Marketing at present has changed greatly at a fast speed. Most startups have adopted online marketing. However, not all weapons that online marketers possess in their arsenal are equally efficient. A few digital marketing strategies are known to hit the bullseye, whereas others do not even come close.

Below are the best online marketing strategies that startups should use.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, social media has really become a very powerful marketing tool. Social media marketing is a very important marketing technique for the startups. The benefits of social media marketing include:

It increases traffic and exposures

It creates loyal clients

It generates leads and enhances search ranking

It sets up thought leadership

Increases sales

Though more and more businesses are implementing social media marketing increasingly, not all are doing it right way. So, make sure you use it appropriately to your benefit.

Email Marketing

Despite likelihoods of death of email marketing in marketing world, emails still are around and delivering handsome returns on investment to the marketers.

The best thing regarding email marketing is that you don’t need to break your bank to run email campaigns. Though email marketing tends to be highly effective, not every startup is able to yoke the real power of emails marketing. But some brands have excelled greatly at email marketing.

Below are a few tips on generating a winning email marketing campaign:

Avoid jargon in email copy – write down in persuasive, plain language

Lot of it depends on subject line – always make it engaging, catchy, and benefit-rich

Talk about benefits you are going to offer

Break up text thus it’s simple to scan – use subheading and bullets

Optimize your emails for mobiles

PPC Marketing

PPC marketing method uses search engine marketing to get visitors to your site. PPC is a very powerful marketing tool used to produce sales-ready leads. IF you’re a startup, don’t ignore PPC marketing.

PPC marketing offers many practical benefits, like:

You can reach to your clients at right time with right ads

Higher ROI as you’ll need to pay just when any interested person clicks

You will not need to wait for the results

Control on how much you wish to spend

Insights and data to help sharpen the other marketing strategies

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing trend is catching on very fast. It has become a very effective tool for the startups to develop their brands. Moreover, the best thing about influencer marketing is that it is inexpensive compared to the traditional marketing channels.

Below are a few reasons why the startups must adopt influencer marketing:

It’s less expensive than any other promotional strategy

Most clients have become resistant to traditional advertising channels

It is simple-to-implement

Clients will engage easily with your brand due to authenticity of influencers

Word-of-mouth feature of influencer marketing develops trust and loyalty for your brand

If you are beginning with your business, you may not be capable to get big influencers. Therefore, you should find out micro-influencers.

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