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The Most Common Digital Marketing Myths

Digital marketing appears simple enough. However, there are many facets to online marketing and all of them requires equal attention and care to capitalize on your engagement and output and get well targeted traffic. Being an emerging field, online marketing is susceptible to many myths which you should be aware of. So, here is a list of most common myths about online marketing:

Bad Online Comments Can Hurt Your Brand

Due to the fear of facing shaming, negative comments and low rating, many businesses don’t market themselves online. This is an incorrect thinking. Internet is a place where potential and existing customers can provide you with a feedback, so you get the chance to address their feedbacks in real time, appropriately and offer outstanding customer services. If you ever get a negative feedback, don’t get angry or feel shames. Rather, give a useful, courteous and extensive response, address the issue and ensure that your client is fully satisfied. Assuring that you really care about their loyalty and trust can make a great difference in your company’s reputation. Spreading a circle of happy clients should be the key aim of your digital marketing campaigns.

Mobile Consumers Don’t Convert

People on their mobile devices generally don’t go through lengthy checkout processes. So, it is vital to have mobile friendly versions of your website or any forms that you’re asking a customer to fill, else you won’t have successful conversions. Along with responsive websites, you should also have short forms on mobile devices.

Most People Click Banner And Display Ads

Most people do not trust such advertisements and find them irrelevant mostly, simply irritating or out of context. Only 15 percent users click on such ads. Paid advertisements aren’t actually useless, they can get faster results and have an edge over organic marketing, but you should know to do them correctly and invest your money wisely init. Hence, paid ads are not enough in most cases. So, you should use other online marketing channels too.

Search Engine Optimization is Dead

SEO is more imperative than ever before and is really far from dead. With the correct strategy, SEO helps attract more and more people both locally and globally. Combining SEO with exceptional content and online marketing can draw more of organic search results.

Traditional Marketing Is Useless

Although online marketing is must, but you should not give up traditional marketing methods like radio and TV commercial, newspaper ads, billboards, and more. The traditional marketing methods still have benefits. Although they are expensive, they are less time consuming, more conspicuous and last longer. If you want your business to stand out from your competitors, then combine both traditional and digital marketing in your marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Is Not Important

Many companies think that after launch of their website, all their work is completed. But to capitalize on your online marketing campaigns, you should have relevant content posted regularly to engage your target audience. This will not just help you rank highly on the search engine, but it also send positive messages to your targeted audiences.

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